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Plumbing Advertising


Image One of the keys to professional advertising and marketing is increasing the effectiveness of your plumbing advertising dollars.  That can be by improving the message, or the advertisement.  But it can also be by lowering the cost of your media spending.  Contact us and we can help you with:


- Negotiating better Yellow Pages deals. Feel you're getting hard done by Yellow Pages and other directories?  Join the club.  Get some advice on getting the best deal on your Yellow Pages advertising - and on some other cost-effective ways to promote your business.

- Save huge amounts on printing costs! If you print flyers, stationery or marketing collateral with a local printer, you may find that we can get you printing rates that blow them away.  Why?  Because we can get them wholesale, that can mean less expensive printing costs for your marketing campaign - or perhaps more importantly, more marketing bang for your buck - print more for the same budget and get more sales.  If you are thinking of a marketing or advertising campaign that involves printing do get in touch - it can be amazingly less expensive if you get it done wholesale.

- Limited time online marketing discount. There are huge numbers of plumbing and HVAC customers online - our clients already know that.  Moreover, it can help you not just increase your customer base, but to diversify your marketing efforts.  We can set up an online campaign to capture customers in your area  - contact us for more details.


Getting more calls and sales for your plumbing or HVAC business is all about beating your competitors to the customers.  If you would like help with advertising or marketing your business, call the experts at today - and ask how we have already helped plumbing and HVAC businesses just like yours.




Save on your plumbing marketing funds - savings on truck wraps and advertising


Cheaper truck wraps Did you know that you can make substantial savings on your truck fleet wraps and plumbing advertising?  It's not something we always talk much about - preferring to focus on the benefits in terms of increased revenues and profits for your business, but there are also substantial savings to be had in some of the costs too.  You may not appreciate that we often get substantial savings on advertising and printing costs which we are able to pass on to our clients.  Truck and van fleet wraps are already amongst the best bang for your buck when it comes to advertising your business - the number of potential customers that will see your vehicles is staggering.  But it can be even more tempting when you discover that we can get wholesale printing rates and pass on the savings to you - savings of $1400 a vehicle have been achieved for trucks.

There are also other savings that we can get for your business.  Because we work with multiple businesses we are often in a position to negotiate harder with media looking for your advertising dollars.  In fact, because niche media know that we can bring in business from across the country, we frequently do well to get a better deal for our clients.  Often those are in the form of added benefits, above and beyond cost savings, additional advertisements are something we always want - because the main focus is not on what goes out, but on what you stand to bring in.  Whatever we think will bring the biggest profits to your plumbing business.

If you would like to benefit from these savings or you would like to discuss how we can help with your plumbing marketing, don't hesitate to contact us through the website or to call.



Merry Christmas!

Image It has been a hugely successful year, and of course we have already given our festive greetings to our clients - but we would also like to wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the hundreds of visitors we get to our website.
There will be some exciting developments in 2007 - we're working hard to keep all of our clients at the top of their game.  Getting to number one and staying there are two different things!  We have gathered new research, and we have uncovered some new avenues for picking up qualified leads and phone calls at very profitable rates for your plumbing businesses.
Finally - if you're reading the site, wondering if help with your marketing really can move your business forward - do write us an email or give us a call.  It will cost you nothing to find out how plumbing businesses across the US and UK make money out of the work we do for them.  You can contact us here.
Cheers and Merry Christmas!

The best FREE plumbing marketing for your business

Another bright idea! That is a strong claim!  You are thinking, "this had better live up to the hype."  And rightly so.
We can honestly say that this is one of the easiest, cheapest and most important things any plumbing business can do: LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS.
Of course, your customers don't always tell you what they are thinking, so there's a first step:  ASK YOUR CUSTOMERS WHAT THEY THINK.  Then listen to what they have to say.
Whenever any plumbing business plans out its marketing strategy the focus is naturally on 'selling'.  But, when you think about it, products and services are not so much 'sold' as they are 'bought'.  The last decision in any transaction is that of the buyer - they decide if they want to pay you for your products or services.  What they think is of paramount importance.
Is it easy to do?
Yes.  Either telephone or send a friendly letter asking them for their thoughts about your products and services, any problems they had, or ways they think you could improve your dealings with them.  And if they do choose to help you, don't forget to THANK THEM for their time.
Some customers will be too busy, but they won't necessarily be offended.  Many will be pleased that you care enough to canvass their opinion.  They will appreciate your efforts to make the customer experience even better.
What benefits are there?
Here are some of the potential benefits:
1.  You may be made aware of potential problems with your product or service. Do some of your customers not like a staff member's attitude?  You need to know, so that you can fix the problem before you lose the customer to your competition.
2.  You may discover profitable ways to improve your business. These are free ideas from the very people that have experienced your products or services - they may well tell you the conditions under which they would spend more money with you.
3.  Listening to customers will improve your word-of-mouth referrals. If you listen to your customers, and give them what they want, it is natural they will be much more inclined to recommend your products and services to their own colleagues, customers, friends and family.
4.  It will help you retain some of your most profitable customers. Repeat business is the key to profitability - if someone stays as 'your customer' you are not paying marketing dollars to attract them every time they conduct business with you.  Fixing small problems in the relationship before they become big ones will pay rewards to your business profit-wise.
5.  It is a good opportunity to speak with your customers - and perhaps land some new work. Taking the time to talk with and listen to your customers may reveal some opportunities they were contemplating and land you some new work.  It's good to stay in touch.
So, if you're not listening to your customers already, don't put off picking up the phone or writing them.  Make a note to do it in the first spare moment you have.  It's probably the cheapest and easiest way to improve your business in one swoop.  Put simply, it's just good business. can help your plumbing business sell your services, from contractors, to industrial enterprises, to trade products and supplies.  You can email us here, or you can call us in the US, UK, Australia, Canada or New Zealand.  Call us any time of day: our phone numbers are here.

Ideas for saving on your plumbing business IT budget

It is not always exciting - but every plumbing business has to set a little aside for its IT budget: the computers, software and printers.  Most businesses use Microsoft Word for typing up letters - but Microsoft Office also costs over US$400 per computer.
So if your business runs from a single computer or a small network, you may be pleased to learn that there is a brilliant alternative to Microsoft Office out there.  It's called and best of all it costs ABSOLUTELY NOTHING per computer.  It's free.
Of course, many, many people and businesses already use it, but if you haven't heard of it yet then you could save quite a few dollars by investigating.
If you already own Microsoft Office, then of course stick with it.  But if you don't, or are thinking of upgrading, then you can download from their site here.
Two good reasons to stick with Microsoft Office:  if you use Outlook 2003 (i.e. the full version, rather than Outlook Express) for organizing your diary, then does not have an email program.  (If you are looking for a good free email program (although it doesn't have a calendar), consider Mozilla Thunderbird).  Another reason is if you use some of the more advanced features of Microsoft Office - but the truth is that most users don't. comes with an equivalent of Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access (and more).  It even has one great feature that Office (currently) doesn't - it can create pdfs without needing any extra software.
Think - if you run two or three computers in your office, you could even save US$800 - US$1200!
[And, of course - hint, hint, - invest that money into your marketing budget with a view to reaping even more! Smile]
If you use broadband - also be aware that Google recently purchased an online Word processor called Writely that they are going to open to the public - again for free.  [Update: available now]. can help your plumbing business sell your services, from contractors, to industrial enterprises, to trade products and supplies.  You can email us here, or you can call us in the US, UK, Australia, Canada or New Zealand.  Call us any time of day: our phone numbers are here.