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  • US: including Toll Free 1800 630 0083
  • AUSTRALIA: including local call rate 1300 795 250
  • CANADA: including Toll Free 1800 630 0083
  • UK: including London and Edinburgh 020 3930 8299
  • NEW ZEALAND: including Auckland
  • OTHER COUNTRIES: Details on contacting us in Ireland, Japan, France, Spain, Belgium, Hong Kong and South Africa can be by using our contact form.


  • US: TOLL FREE FAX LINE: 1877 299 7430 (*NEW NUMBER*)
  • AUSTRALIA: 02 9012 0147
  • CANADA: TOLL FREE FAX: 1877 299 7430
  • UK: 020 3930 8299
  • NEW ZEALAND: Email us for number, or use +61 2 9012 0147

We look forward to being able to help you with your plumber marketing needs. Together we hope we can help promote your business, and remember - an hour of our time might save you a week of yours.

Who are we?

We're a niche advertising agency, working to sell plumbing services and products on three continents every working day, year in year out. Email or call us to ask about our credentials and how we already helped plumbing businesses just like yours. Our job is to work to earn YOU money!
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