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Plumbing and HVAC websites and online marketing

Solutions for selling plumbing & HVAC online

We have worked hard to create complete cost-effective solutions to promoting your plumbing business on the internet. As you will be aware, the internet has reached 'critical mass' in terms of availability - the chances are better than not that your next customer has an internet connection in their home. It's an essential part of marketing your plumbing business.

BUT many firms have previously gone online and not reaped success - why? It's because they got their strategy wrong, and missed the process that the internet really plays in persuading customers to call their plumbing business rather than their competitors. They thought that it is like the Yellow Pages, but it isn't.

We can help you create a strategy that will actually help you SELL your plumbing services - what is most important about this strategy is that it makes your other advertising and marketing efforts more EFFECTIVE.


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With the right strategy in place it's a matter of following through to create a website that is cost-effective - the idea has to be that your new website makes you more money than it costs.

This is the thinking behind's website packages. Different plumbing businesses in different towns and cities are going to need different strategies - however many of these strategies overlap at certain price points. Some strategies are better in theory (they are more effective) but because they cost more to implement they might not be profitable enough for your business - which of course defeats the point of them.

Therefore our most economical package is suited to plumbing businesses from the smallest up. Larger firms, and those with an inclination to get 'hands on' with their marketing work, will find our automated ("dynamic") websites more effective. And for the largest plumbing businesses we recommend a completely custom strategy and website (at least that it is considered, since the stakes are so much higher).

All of our packages come with a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. See our full agreement for the terms of this offer (essentially, we are so confident that you will be pleased with our service that if you are not satisfied you don't have to pay and we will return your deposit)

Plumbing Website Packages

Details of the essential benefits of all our plumbing marketing packages

1. Marketing strategy for plumbing businesses

This is fundamental to the potential success of your website. There are millions of websites out there - we are interested in SELLING your plumbing services. This is why we offer our specialized, research-based strategies designed with plumbing businesses in mind. The website is a means to an end, not an end in itself.

Normally the cost of this advice would be prohibitive for most plumbing businesses - but by packaging the product the cost is effectively able to be spread across several businesses.

2. One-on-one marketing and advertising consultancy

We want to make sure that whichever strategy you choose really is right for YOU, so all of our packages contain some one-on-one marketing and advertising consultancy.

3. Impressive design and easy process

Of course, it always feels good to present your business in a professional fashion - and that confidence can bring its own results. The pride you have in your business can be infectious - potential customers can sense that if you take that kind of care about your own business, then you will be more likely to take care of them.

4. Writing sales copy

Without wanting to give too much of our strategies away (we hope you understand!) this is an area where your new plumbing website can really grab customers from under your competitors' noses.

Since is a service provided by a "top of the town" advertising and marketing agency - writing copy that actually sells is something we know a lot about.

Since it is the CONTENT of the website that can help make a sale - helping you with your content is one of the unique features of's marketing approach.

5. Everything technical to get the website online

Plumbing business owners often have a wide range of IT skills - some can tap numbers into their accounting software with one hand while typing new invoices on their laptop with their other; others whirl their finger over the keyboard as they search for each letter, wondering which fool came up the order of letters on a typewriter! The important thing is that, regardless of your level of comfort with computers, we take care of all the technical work to get the website working online.

If you don't already have a domain name, we will register one for for you as part of the package and set it up for you.

6. Quality business-grade hosting with automated backing up.

Your website has to sit on a physical computer somewhere in the world for other people to be able to see it - this is web hosting. Our packages include one year of business-grade web hosting.

7. Statistics gathering, SPAM protection, webmail, and other online tools

It is essential that you can gather statistics about visitors to your site - you need to be able to see where you are being successful, and where you can improve the recipe. Our servers are set up to gather all sorts of information about who is visiting your website - the total numbers, their location, what pages they looked at, what page directed them to your site (e.g. Google), etc.

  • The server is also set up with several other useful online tools, which some clients find very useful:
  • SPAM PROTECTION: The server can help identify SPAM emails.
  • ANTIVIRUS PROTECTION: The server scans both incoming and outgoing emails for viruses.
  • WEBMAIL SYSTEM: Check your business email from any online computer
  • EMAIL ADDRESSES: Set up as many as you like. Forward email to your 'home' address.
  • FILE MANAGER: Copy files to your server without needing to know anything about FTP
  • GRAPHICS ENGINE: Allows you to convert, resize and thumbnail pictures on the server.
  • BACKUP: The server makes it easier to make your own backups with just a few clicks.
  • One of the biggest advantages of these tools is that they can save you time and money with any technical supp
  • even years down the line - they make fixing many potential issues a lot faster.

8. Satisfaction guarantee

We take great pride in the quality of our work and of our ability to help plumbing businesses. If you were not happy we would not be happy - that's why we offer a satisfaction guarantee. See our agreement for the full terms and conditions, but essentially if you are not happy with our work then you don't have to pay us.

9. You can even start today!

Contact us today if you would like to get started, would like guidance with choosing an appropriate package, or would like an information pack emailed or sent out to you.



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