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Another bright idea!That is a strong claim!  You are thinking, "this had better live up to the hype."  And rightly so.
We can honestly say that this is one of the easiest, cheapest and most important things any plumbing business can do: LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS.
Of course, your customers don't always tell you what they are thinking, so there's a first step:  ASK YOUR CUSTOMERS WHAT THEY THINK.  Then listen to what they have to say.
Whenever any plumbing business plans out its marketing strategy the focus is naturally on 'selling'.  But, when you think about it, products and services are not so much 'sold' as they are 'bought'.  The last decision in any transaction is that of the buyer - they decide if they want to pay you for your products or services.  What they think is of paramount importance.
Is it easy to do?
Yes.  Either telephone or send a friendly letter asking them for their thoughts about your products and services, any problems they had, or ways they think you could improve your dealings with them.  And if they do choose to help you, don't forget to THANK THEM for their time.
Some customers will be too busy, but they won't necessarily be offended.  Many will be pleased that you care enough to canvass their opinion.  They will appreciate your efforts to make the customer experience even better.
What benefits are there?
Here are some of the potential benefits:
1.  You may be made aware of potential problems with your product or service. Do some of your customers not like a staff member's attitude?  You need to know, so that you can fix the problem before you lose the customer to your competition.
2.  You may discover profitable ways to improve your business. These are free ideas from the very people that have experienced your products or services - they may well tell you the conditions under which they would spend more money with you.
3.  Listening to customers will improve your word-of-mouth referrals. If you listen to your customers, and give them what they want, it is natural they will be much more inclined to recommend your products and services to their own colleagues, customers, friends and family.
4.  It will help you retain some of your most profitable customers. Repeat business is the key to profitability - if someone stays as 'your customer' you are not paying marketing dollars to attract them every time they conduct business with you.  Fixing small problems in the relationship before they become big ones will pay rewards to your business profit-wise.
5.  It is a good opportunity to speak with your customers - and perhaps land some new work. Taking the time to talk with and listen to your customers may reveal some opportunities they were contemplating and land you some new work.  It's good to stay in touch.
So, if you're not listening to your customers already, don't put off picking up the phone or writing them.  Make a note to do it in the first spare moment you have.  It's probably the cheapest and easiest way to improve your business in one swoop.  Put simply, it's just good business. can help your plumbing business sell your services, from contractors, to industrial enterprises, to trade products and supplies.  You can email us here, or you can call us in the US, UK, Australia, Canada or New Zealand.  Call us any time of day: our phone numbers are here.

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